Fresh Fruit Flavor Makes a Great Gift! 

Every Jar of Blessing Times is Sure to be Savored and Remembered.

From Fresh Peach to Strawberry Rhubarb and our smooth Apple Butter, there’s a Blessing Times flavor all your friends, family members and coworkers will love. The options are endless… from the grill to desserts and exciting appetizers and dips

Just print our mail-in order form today, send it in with your payment, and you’re ready to present a gift of great taste and great quality to everyone on your list – or just enjoy your favorite flavors on your own table to make every day a special occasion. 

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Blessing Times Jams & Jellies:  Order by Mail Form


Size and Quantity:


Jams and Jellies:
(* available in sugar free)


4 oz. / $2.75 each
($3 each for sugar free)


8 oz. / $3.75 each 

($4 each for sugar free)


     (add total per line)

Country Berry Blend




Apricot Jam




Cinnamon Apple Jelly




Boysenberry Jelly




*Mountain Blueberry Jam




*Wild Blackberry Jam




Fresh Peach Jam








Gooseberry Jam




Cherry Preserves




Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam




*Strawberry Jam




*Red Raspberry Jam




Wild Plum








Holiday Favorites:




Cranberry Jelly




Christmas Jam




Black Walnut Jelly








Savory Jellies:

(Available 4 oz. only) $2.75 each


Peach Pepper Jelly




Red Pepper Jelly




Green Pepper Jelly





(Available 8 oz. only)      $3.75 each
($4 for sugar free)


Apple Butter




Sugar Free Apple Butter




Pumpkin Butter





(12 oz. )           $4.25 each


Blueberry Syrup




Pecan Syrup




Raspberry Syrup









(12 oz.)    $6.95 each



Peach-Jalepeno Medley (SOLD OUT!) 




Raspberry-Jalapeno Medley




Total Quantity:

For purchases of $2.75 - $44.99, please add $10.75 shipping

For purchases of $44.99 - $83.40, please add $15.95 shipping

Total Due:

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Blessing Times Jams & Jellies                                          
5019 NW Coves Drive                                                        
Kansas City, MO  64151                                                                                              

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